Everyone knows Vesuvius, the symbol of the entire Gulf of Naples, but not everyone knows the existence of Campi Phlegrei (from the Greek fl├Ęgo, meaning "burn", "burn") is a vast area located in the Gulf of Pozzuoli, west of the city of Naples and its gulf. The area is known since ancient times for its lively volcanic activity. It is an ancient supervolcano.
The area is a large caldera with numerous craters and small volcanic buildings (at least twenty-four), some of which have effusive gaseous manifestations (Solfatara area) or hydrothermal as well as cause of the phenomenon of bradysism (very recognizable for its presence in the past in the so-called temple of Serapide in Pozzuoli
Bradysism in the last 40 years has had a significant impact on the soil of Pozzuoli causing several times lifting, elevation of the soil.
Inspired by the effect of Bradysism, we have created a quilted pattern, made with the historic wool fabric of Vitale Barberis Canonico, recalling the daily impact of this volcanological phenomenon.

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