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A contemporary tradition with its heart in the past and its vision set towards the future.
Elegant and refined. Gala Gloves leather gloves are works of art hand-crafted by specialist artisans who, for more than 80 years, on a daily basis, produce precious accessories following one of the most fascinating artisanal Neapolitan crafts: the art of leather glove making.
Every pair of gloves is produced thanks to a long and meticulously detailed process divided into 25 separate phases: from the hide selection to the stitching, which is followed by six steps of thorough quality control, in the pursuit of the imperfect perfection unique to manual work.

Our commitment for the future- Sustainable !
The Gala Gloves Sustainable by Design collection reflects our choice and commitment to embrace a new way to produce our leather gloves to support future sustainable fashion by bringing together centuries of leather glove-making traditions with new designs and innovative techniques using luxury chrome-free leathers
By embedding sustainability into our business as a moral responsibility, we promise to reinforce the value of artisanal gloves by creating meaningful and longer- lasting essentials. We see it as a great opportunity to reinvent our craft!
Sustainability is all about balancing the way we use our natural, social and economic resources globally.
We believe that the luxury goods market can make a significant contribution to creating a more sustainable world