The history of Naples is long and varied, starting with the Greek settlements throughout the land of Naples in the first century BC. The Cumans founded Parthenope at the end of the 8th century BC and then it is likely that the people of Cuma decided to build Neapolis (new city), now Naples, with the intention of founding a new Cuma, similar to the city they came from.
This leather glove masterpiece pays homage to our Neapolitan roots, and supports our mantra of Contemporary Tradition. This perfect combination of interior and exteriors of luxury cars is brought to mind by the materials used to make these driving gloves, buttery lambskin nappa leather and sumptuous quilted suede. This innovative new concept of seamless glove, entirely hand-crafted in Italy and developed by our most experienced craftsman, envelops the hand with one panel of leather joined together to a central quilted suede insert, thereby avoiding any side panel stitching. The perforated palm also allows for optimum breathability of the leather whilst the bicolor strap with nickel button snap is the ultimate finishing touch.

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Elegant and refined. Gala Gloves leather gloves are works of art hand-crafted by specialist artisans who, for more than 80 years, on a daily basis, produce precious accessories following one of the most...