A highly luxurious style recognized throughout the world for exceptional quality and craftsmanship is our beautifully hand-stitched glove made from real peccary, a wild pig leather known for its unique strength whilst being extremely soft to the touch, an iconic piece of the best glove artisans just like the mandolin in the Neapolitan folk music. The mandolin has been modernized by Pasquale Vinaccia in the early 1800s who, adding features, created the Neapolitan mandolin which later became famous all over the world.
Made in Italy with particular attention to detail, this item is unequivocally top-notch! The three vintage-style points and all seams are entirely stitched by hand and the centuries-old quirks, or V-shaped gussets, have been stitched to the base of each fourchette for added finger flexibility. These special peccary gloves are lined in 100% pure cashmere and finished with an elegant button closure on the inside wrist for a gorgeous snug fit. Adding all of these special details to a thicker leather by hand requires only the best skilled of our glove craftsmen and women. A must-have accessory of real luxury and indisputable quality which lasts a lifetime!

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Elegant and refined. Gala Gloves leather gloves are works of art hand-crafted by specialist artisans who, for more than 80 years, on a daily basis, produce precious accessories following one of the most...