The magnolia flower is a symbol of dignity and perseverance, embodying purity and delicacy in nature.
Just like these mid-length leather gloves, made from buttery soft nappa leather. The three vintage-style points are hand-stitched by our best craftsman giving them that stroke of artisanal refinement and elegance. This style was created to round off that elegant and sophisticated outfit worn by a lady.
The silk lining helps the glove to slide on smoothly and cling to the arm, giving that touch of exquisite style to your perfect attire.

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A contemporary tradition with its heart in the past and its vision set towards the future.
Elegant and refined. Gala Gloves leather gloves are works of art hand-crafted by specialist artisans who, for more than 80 years, on a daily basis, produce precious accessories following one of the most...