Original and casual, the tricot tie is the main accessory in the summer. The peculiarity of this garment is its consistency: a lighter and more breathable fabric, thanks to the soft knitted material, gently surrounding the neck, making it perfect for the warmer months. The knitted tie began to make its appearance on gentlemen's outfits already in the 60s, and then has returned to the rage today thanks to its sophosticated appearance and versatility: its dynamic and enjoyable texture is perfect for making an outfit less formal, or for adding glamour even to the simplest looks. In the Sanseverino Napoli maison, the tricot tie is also made of the purest silk or wool, and it is made more dynamic by a wide and loose thread with a square-ending shape. Made in many different colours, original polka dots and patterns, or in the most classic solid colour, Sanseverino Napoli tricot ties are the perfect accessory to add a touch of vivacity to the male wardrobe. No matter if classic or casual, the result is guaranteed.

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Napoli, Italia
Sanseverino Napoli is the result of a never-ending passion for the handmade ties that is the symbol of male elegance: the tie. Since 1994 it has been shaping Neapolitan haute couture in the form of ties, genuine masterpieces, made by extremely skilled hands that cherish them throughout the...