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Sanseverino Napoli is the result of a never-ending passion for the handmade ties that is the symbol of male elegance: the tie. Since 1994 it has been shaping Neapolitan haute couture in the form of ties, genuine masterpieces, made by extremely skilled hands that cherish them throughout the manufacturing process, from cutting to embroidery.
A competent handicraft work to guarantee the highest quality, together with style, refinement and attention to detail, are the secret of the success of the Sanseverino brand, which has become a symbol of made in Naples all over the world.
His creations are the synthesis of the finest fabrics, timeless British design, and the unique touch of the founder.
Sanseverino Naples is the arrival point of changes of direction, of a history that proceeded in an unusual way: it started from politics and came up to ties. The 1994 was a challenging year which represented a turning point, the beginning of a dream that came true and led to open a showroom in the pulsing heart of Naples.
The history of the company is closely linked to that of its founder Salvatore who, paternally, devoted all his energies into it giving his name.
In spite of the past spent in a completely different context, the brand's owner finally decided to embrace his creative genius: making ties that leave a tangible sign, which can tell about the personality of those who wear them.

As a consequence, this handicraft work derived from this great passion, immediately recognized and appreciated all over the world: within a few years Sanseverino managed to secure a prestigious place on the market thanks to its major product, the "seven-fold" tie, which he made versatile, adaptable and suitable for the modern times, and which is now full expression of Neapolitan excellence.
Further collections and accessories today are created by this sophisticated Maison, made of the finest fabrics and materials and expression of the stylish sensibility of the founder.
The Sanseverino Napoli family is now enriched with three new members: Angelo, Antonio and Ernesto. Their eclectic personalities are united not only by the same passion that has always inspired Salvatore, the founder, who motivated them since his first creations, and ended up involving them in this adventure, result of a common dream; but also by the desire to make their mentor proud of them.
These four individuals, all involved in the leadership of the company, share the same values and principles that have forged and made great the brand identity, refining the route traced 30 years ago by the founder, in order to internationalize the brand, and bring the Sanseverino Napoli elegance all over the world, as well as a masterpiece around the neck of the true lovers of Neapolitan excellence.