Elegance is the result of many small details, and if the tie is the gentleman's distinctive mark, the scarf is certainly that of a lady. Again, a small piece of silk can completely transform ladies' outfits. Made in many colours, sizes and patterns, it helps make every look unrepeatable and adapts to any kind of outfit, from casual to chic, up to the ultimate levels of elegance. Suitable for every age and every season, the Sanseverino Napoli scarf is an indispensable accessory for ladies, characterised by the same artisan excellence, research and attention to detail typical of every atelier production. Made exclusively of soft and impalpable silk, available in a thousand pastel colours, exotic or classic motifs and fabrics, and embroidered by hand only by the most experienced tailors, the scarves of the Sanseverino maison gently wrap ladies' neck, giving colour to the outfit during the day and embellishing it in the evening.

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Napoli, Italia
Sanseverino Napoli is the result of a never-ending passion for the handmade ties that is the symbol of male elegance: the tie. Since 1994 it has been shaping Neapolitan haute couture in the form of ties, genuine masterpieces, made by extremely skilled hands that cherish them throughout the...