The seven-fold tie is the real distinctive mark of the Sanseverino Napoli fashion house, result of the powerful combination of the ancient, completely artisanal processing, from cutting to packaging, with the modern introduction of the "soul", the internal support that makes it particularly performing. The Sanseverino seven folds are made entirely by hands by seamstresses who fold the pure 36-ounce English silk twill seven times on itself, giving the tie greater thickness and consistency, guaranteeing an extraordinarily high knot hold, and a texture that favours the movements of the wearer with style and elegance. Available both in long (150 cm) and extra-long (160 cm) versions, this notable nineteenth-century garment is made inimitable by the incessant search for micro patterns with a vintage character, the continuous choice for the most refined fabrics, the combination with the darker tones of the English countryside with the brighter and intense colours of the Neapolitan landscape. From this endless experimentation comes to life the unique collection of the Sanseverino atelier, made of real masterpieces chosen by true lovers of elegance.

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Napoli, Italia
Sanseverino Napoli is the result of a never-ending passion for the handmade ties that is the symbol of male elegance: the tie. Since 1994 it has been shaping Neapolitan haute couture in the form of ties, genuine masterpieces, made by extremely skilled hands that cherish them throughout the...