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I’M BRIAN is a Made in Italy brand, born in the 2009, from an idea of two young Neapolitan designers. The dynamic and constantly evolving brand debuts with Romi s.r.l., a capsule menswear collection. Thanks to the support of fashion specialists and in a short period of time, I'M BRIAN is further refined and becomes a total-look brand and a landmark for a young and trendy male audience. I’M BRIAN creates high quality products, designed and packaged in artisan labs. Each step of the manufacturing process reveals attention to details and passion: from the procurement of raw materials to the concept of the collections all the way until the manufacturing process, the packaging and the authentic labelling. The widespread distribution throughout the country ensures customised and targeted products to our end-customers, whom are the linchpin of our entire philosophy. Wearing I’M BRIAN is a young soul, constantly keeping up with times and on the lookout for new trends. A man who is able to readily adjust his style depending on the circumstances: work, free time and classy events. The project is featured also on the main social networks channels and on the online shop. We guarantee a consistent contact with the public and an increasingly easy and compelling customer experience. Our future marketing strategy aims at strengthening our brand identity thanks to targeted ads campaigns as well as a constant o‡ering of diverse and appealing contents.