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Our history has its roots in 1973, in the heart of the lively historic center of Naples, a place steeped in deep artisan traditions rooted in the leather clothing sector.
Since 1998, we have moved to the CIS in Nola, occupying a sumptuous area of ​​2000 m2 which embraces our operational headquarters, a spectacular Showroom and the creative incubator of the Style Office. It is here that the creations come to life that embody the timeless elegance and craftsmanship that distinguishes every piece of our brand.
Masterpelle has been a point of reference in the leather clothing sector for decades, fascinating fashion lovers with the production and distribution of the highest quality items. Our dedication extends to the creation of unique pieces, as well as to collaboration with renowned national and foreign brands, guaranteeing quality and style in every product that reaches the hands of our customers. By visiting our website, you can explore a exclusive selection of our product line, "MASTERPELLE". Each item represents the flawless fusion between the quality of the materials, the attention to craftsmanship and a design that embodies the essence of contemporary elegance.