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Alessandro Gilles is a choice. It is dressing according to universally recognized standards, it is a new aesthetic made of feelings, narratives and the past, it is observing, reading and translating the present. The brand lives between stylistic research, selection of materials capable of telling a precise identity, garment shaping and cutting. All this makes it a Manifesto of Made in Italy and of a contemporary and sophisticated style.
Origins. The Alessandro Gilles brand was founded in 2001 in Salerno by Salvatore and Gian Michele Spera and thanks to their experience in the menswear sector.
A cultural inheritance handed down by their father Francesco Spera who, after working for major Italian haute couture brands, founded "Sartoria Francesco Spera" in 1987, specializing in the production of men's suits, jackets and coats.
Alessandro Gilles, which is part of the company Effetre srl, which also owns the Francesco Spera brand, specializing in formal wear, developed thanks to Salvatore Spera's direct knowledge - now CEO of the brand - of the brands and thanks to the sartorial tradition handed down to him.
Inspirations. The menswear brand Alessandro Gilles takes life from the Salerno tailoring tradition and today indulges its traits, combining them with research, technical and stylistic innovation. A proposal that is an interpreter of the contemporary man's needs and is embodied in effortless elegance with a décontracté touch. Garments with a fluid style and declined between home - work - play evoke retro themes, where references to the style of American colleges become distinctive details, capable of bridging the gap between a formal aesthetic and casual dressing.
Collections. Alessandro Gilles presents two collections per year (Spring Summer and Fall Winter), comprising about 100caps each. Great attention is paid to outerwear, which accounts for 70 percent of the collection and around which the other proposals revolve. Also completing the looks are accessories such as footwear and belts, in the order of a proposal of c.a 30 items whose production is entrusted to partners who produce in Italy and mostly in Campania.
The company . Managed by Effetre Srl, whose administrative hub and management offices are based in Salerno, Alessandro Gilles has its own production capacity and also makes use of a network of manufacturing companies operating in the Campania district. The creative aspect is handled by a style and quality control office also based in Salerno, and production is Made in Italy.
Communication. The cosmopolitan vocation and easy chic attitude of Alessandro Gilles are told through the communication campaigns, all characterized by a fresh approach capable of paying homage to a dress full of personality.Fil rouge and whispered background of the campaigns remains sport, as the spokesman of the brand's values.
In 2022, the brand underwent rebranding with the introduction of a new logo, an impactful and highly recognizable graphic sign aimed at strengthening the identity and fostering recognizability in target markets and paving the way for new business opportunities.