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A story of details: a brand which preserves the refinement of a tailoring tradition without sacrificing innovation and quality.


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Arzano, Italia
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The Désirée brand was born in 1955 from the determination and vision of a strong man, who carried a dream in his heart and who had the courage to realize it, Ugo Colella. Time will prove him right, because in a short time Désirée becomes a small but recognized reality, which is becoming increasingly established in the local environment. The company then receives new lifeblood thanks to the passion, tenacity and dedication of the young and brilliant son, Attilio Colella, who in 1998 launches a new brand, Ugo Colella, which will become synonymous with elegance of forms, and quality of fabrics, soon imposing itself to the attention of an increasingly national male audience first and then international.
The Ugo Colella shirt is inspired, in fact, by the best tradition of Neapolitan tailoring shirt, and becomes in the textile world a symbol of elegance, sobriety, and refinement, a shirt that preserves intact the precious teachings of the ancient Neapolitan tailoring, but at the same time, in step with the times, especially in the lines and in the choice of fabrics. This is the birth of a shirt that, while maintaining high quality standards, does not turn its back on the new moods that are becoming established in the man not only Italian, but also international, always standing out for the simplicity and sobriety of style. In the Ugo Colella shirt each step is executed strictly by hand in the continuous search of the detail of style and perfection of the final item.