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Cimirro is an Italian company of women’s and men’s wear producing and distributing three Made in Italy brands: Adamantea for classic and elegant women’s wear, Adaday for everyday women’s wear and Quintodecimo for men’s wear.
Adamantea was a nymph, the foster mother of Zeus (divinity of humans and gods). Her milk represents life’s lymph, rich of renewing power. She was proud and industrious, carrying the gift of eternal youth. She was pure, shining, precious, strong, perfect, and untameable just like the woman who wears our brand’s clothing. Adamantea collection is designed for a young woman, who feels to be always like that, elegant and proud, but always careful of tendencies as well as personal needs. An Adamantea dress is synonymous of versatility and wearing it means to renew yourself every day with style, nobility and eternal youth.
Adaday The Adaday line is born from the Adamantea brand: trendy everyday proposals for the woman who does not want to give up style on every daily occasion and want make every day special by wearing garments with a refined taste, innovative design and high quality. Adaday is grit, determination, charm, comfort and attention to detail.
Quintodecimo is the ancient name of the city of Mirabella Eclano, so called because it is fifteen miles from Benevento. Its symbol is a Phoenix as it burned three times and it rose from its ashes always stronger. Cimirro chose this name its men's ceremony brand because Quintodecimo expresses strength, determination and pride, values that well represent a man.
In the wide selection of garments offered by Cimirro, clients find refined and classic items as well as young and dynamic look garments, constantly updated according to the latest fashion trends.